About Us


Hello world, Royalty is LIFE, it is LOVE, and it is PASSION. This venue came about when I set sail on a journey to connect with all generations. One consistent factor among a lot of things was having something to do. Everyone in the community had all these ideas, but no where for things to take place and be affordable. Royalty was born, and became the outlet to a lot of things. Host any event you want here and Royalty will make it happen. We are here for everyone and their needs ! 


I am a single mother, with a beautiful 4 year old baby girl , who is everything in this world. Literally ! She gives me so much life and the fact that she so sweet, kind, and loving only makes those exact characteristics in myself brighten and grow stronger ! So all i want to do is share that with everyone in the world 


Give customers a reason to do business with you.